Thursday 7 June 2012

Ill be setting up a new blog, a much more private personal one with my own account of this experience and the stuff Im doing and going through , ill share it on to some of you when I start it. It will be nothing fancy, just a log of what Im up to.

Ive taken away all the other posts, theres just too much mis-direction , dogma, lack of understanding, assumption and over excitement. Ive held onto them for myself though!

It turns out awakening is a much more complex , much deeper , but also much less dogmatic process than I originally thought. It requires alot of work to tap into the true potential the human brain can experience.

I have done a complete U-turn on some of the views I would have held when I started out this blog. 

Its been an amazing experience so far.

Ive been coming across lots and lots of tools in the past few months, lots of different methods, some useful, some not, Im determined to completely get this entirely finished and be able to talk about it from a completely experienced and knowledgeable point of view, and completely dogma free , and "message" free.

That means learning about every aspect of the brain, learning about why some pointers work, why some dont , why a religious person is just as certain of their view as a full blown atheist who is also trying to spread their own way of "how to awaken". It means having a map from start to finish that will be pragmatic, practical and informative.

All I know for a fact right now is that there is a  huge undeniable shift in perception and there are 1000s of communities that have their own take on it, be it Christianity, to spirituality, to psychology , to self-help, to neuroscience. 
My dream is to be able to present it from a "finished" standpoint, i.e.,what do to , how to progress, what tools you need, theories on what is happening physically during these shifts, the time-frame, the benefits, the things it doesn't "fix".

At the risk of sounding like Ive won an Oscar, I feel obliged to acknowledge people  that have introduced this to me and helped me along the way, its not always been plain sailing but to be completely dragged out of a banal world of assumption about how your experience of the world works and have it completely turned upside down is both frightening and often very lonely but incredibly liberating also, and I couldnt go back.

So cheers to GhostVirus for introducing this to me, Ciaran for making me realize that perception shifts are real and that there is no need for spirituality, everyone else from RT that has contributed something in your own words. Daniel Ingram from Dho, for his book that showed me that Buddhism and all this stuff can be treated as entirely technical and pragmatic and dogma free, End in Sight and Tommy M, AEN and several others from Dho who have shown alot of knowledge about this stuff, Pat from Limerick, in terms of Neuroscience, Neil Slade and Todd Murphy have had a huge impact on me in terms of what Im learning about this stuff, and other more known names that Ive come across online like Eckart Tolle, Adyashanti, Mooji, and Shinzen Young, all these guys have something great to offer if you're willing to listen and not get caught up in stuff you disagree with.

Its been a fun blog, but it would be irresponsible to leave its content lying around for others to be misguided.

If I was to give one bit of advice to anyone getting into this...

Use whatever insights appeal to you to experience changes, and share them if you think they work, but dont hold onto them for too long, dont turn them into dogma,because when all is said and done, all they are is just an interpretation that arises after a physical change in the brain.